BLDC front motor SMP-M3 36V/240RPM:
- 36V/250W front motor with freewheel
- for 26 a 28" bicycle wheel - 100 mm fork
- planetary transmission - 12:1 gear ratio

BLDC rear cassette motor SMP-01 36V/240RPM:
- 36V/250W rear motor with freewheel
- for 26 a 28" bicycle wheel - 140 mm fork
- planetary transmission( 12:1 gear ratio)

Lí-ion battery - Li(NiCoMn)02 in ABS case:
- ability to lock the battery to the rack
- for AL rear rack
- dimension 275x144x60 mm, weight 2,9 kg

Lí-on battery - Li(NiCoMn)O2 down tube ABS case:
- ability to lock the battery box
- fixing on the bicycle frame instead bottle
- dimension 120x83x327 mm, weight 2,8 kg

Li-ion battery charger:
- output DC voltage 42V, charging current 1.8A
- battery charging level indication 25 - 100%
- dimension 170x71x51 mm, weight 0,65 kg

Sample of our new design of e-bike.
Motor is placed in rear wheel and Li(NiCoMn)02 36V/10,4Ah removable battery is built in inside down tube.
For the year 2015, we prepared some inovations
for our  customers again. The  first major change
relates to  the motor construction.  Motor became
smaller   and  output  torgue   incresed  almost to
double. Freewheel of rear motor was substituted
with  . cassette  contstruction.   Also   front  motor
with   quick  release   was   introduced  first  time.
New  pedal  assistance sensor  with double Hall
effect  sensors and  12 magnets  disc shortened
the   motor's   stop  time  to  0,1s.  We  expanded
of LCD diplay product range to new types TC480
and  TC485  LCD  models.  Also  new  disagned
TC430 LED display can be used  for e-bicycle kit.

In above short description we tried to outline significant changes in our assortment for year 2015, so the only thing left is to wish all cycling fans nice weather and beautiful experiences on their bicycle trips..

e-bicycles team